ACTpro 2.15 adds ANPR Integration

Vnaderbilt ACTpro

ACTpro is the company’s award-winning access control system that has a wealth of features and integrations. One of the key features added to the latest version of the ACTpro software is ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) integration with the access control system.

ANPR, also referred to as NPR (Number Plate Recognition) or LPR (License Plate Recognition), is a camera that can read the vehicle license and send a numerical representation of the license plate via a Wiegand interface. 

ACTpro 2.15 Announcement

Nick Pegtol, Region Manager – Vanderbilt International Sales at the company, explains: “You can now connect license plate recognition cameras to the ACT controller, and the conversion from the license plate to a card number is now done within the ACT system. So, suppose you have a license plate number consisting of digits and letters. In that case, the ACT system connects it to a card number, and that connection is also done by the license plate camera.”

This feature is supported by Dahua and Hikvision cameras.

Pegtol continues: “It’s really cool because it allows you to easily use the ACT system for parking spaces, and there’s a large market for these applications. Instead of setting up a card reader, you just have to set up a camera reading the license plate, and it will open the barrier for you. Campsites, offices, parking lots that are rented out in cities where you rent parking spots for a few days or months, and then it’s straightforward to register that license plate to it.”

ACTpro’s integration with Hikvision cameras is one in a long line of third-party video integrations that make ACTpro such a well-rounded access control system.

For instance, with Hikvision, ACTpro users can play live video or recorded video associated with a door through these video integrations. Michael Moyna, Senior Product Manager at Vanderbilt, expands on the value of this: “If an event happened last week where a door was forced open, the operator can right-click on the event in ACTpro and simply replay the video recording from the Hikvision system.

“This makes for a more precise examination of the video system concerning the access control event. It also removes the operator’s need to visit the control room to retrieve the footage. It can be viewed directly within ACTpro instead. This, of course, delivers an added layer of convenience to the system’s users,” Moyna concludes.

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