Fortus Going Green initiative

As we continue with our Going Green initiative, we are proud to have started our journey to becoming a low carbon business by partnering with Ecologi. Ecologi is a social enterprise that funds the world’s best climate crisis solutions and offers businesses a Climate Positive Workforce. 
Partnering with Ecologi allows us to:
  • Offset the entire carbon footprint of all our employees, including emissions from their homes, personal travel, holiday, food and hobbies.
  • Offset all business travel undertaken across Fortus Group
  • Plant groves of tress in the Fortus Forest and financing carbon reduction projects around the world.

 We also promise to plant 1 extra tree for EVERY sale we make across Fortus Group.

Brian Honan, CEO Fortus Group said;

I am extremely proud of what we have achieved at Fortus Group to date and feel confident that we have the capability to have significant positive impact on climate change with our Going Green initiative.”

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